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Bradford is a proud member of Intercultural Cities – a Council of Europe led network of over 160 cities around the world.

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Our communities have so much in common and are full of amazing people, places and potential. Whether you were 'born and bred' or are newly arrived, we are more enriched and stronger when we’re connected.

This is who we are and this is what we stand for. Welcome to Bradford for Everyone.


How we got here

March 2018

Bradford District becomes one of five Integration Areas pilots in the UK.

March 2019

The Bradford for Everyone 2018-23 strategy is launched and delivery commences.

March 2022

‘Bradford for Everyone’ programme ends having delivered 85 projects/campaigns & engaged over 36,000 people. Legacy projects continue to be delivered and learning is utilised and shared.

Bradford for Everyone

The Movie

This film provides a glimpse into Bradford for Everyone Integration Area pilot programme which was delivered between 2019 and 2022. The film highlights the vision, ethos, ways of working and a selection of the projects that were funded and supported by the BfE Programme - introducing the viewer to real people, organisations and communities positively impacted upon by the programme's work.

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