About the People Library

People Library


About the People Library

Bradford’s People Library is a part of the Bradford for Everyone programme delivered by Bradford Council. Our vision is of a place where everyone feels that they belong, are understood, feel safe and are able to fully participate in the opportunities the District offers. The People Library project has been established with the support of a number of key participants from within the Bradford Council led Future Leaders programme.

This ‘Bradford bookshelf’ will to contain a diverse range of positive examples and role models - people from different backgrounds with shared experiences, interests and characteristics, highlighting similarities and celebrating differences. The People Library aims challenge stereotypes, shift perspectives and generate pride in our district and its amazing people.

As this living library grows we will begin to be able to identify and tag common characteristics between our human books, enabling the reader to search the library in a variety of interesting ways. Through this facility we will demonstrate the many shared experiences, values, passions and goals that Bradford district’s people have, despite sometimes appearing to be different on the surface. Through the library we will encourage everyone to judge our human ‘books’ not by their covers but by their contents.

Views and opinions

Bradford People Library is a place where human ‘books’ tell their own stories, and share their own reflections and perspectives on life. As such the views or narratives found within the library are not representative of Bradford for Everyone, nor Bradford Council.

Could you become a ‘human book’?

If you or someone you know has a stereotype-breaking, interesting or inspirational story to tell then the People Library team would love to hear from you. Please get in touch to discuss your idea using stronger.communities@bradford.gov.uk.

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