Bradford District Shared Values – Self-Evaluation Tool

Self-Evaluation Tool – How have you got on?

    What next

    It’s always good practice to reflect on how you have got on.

    We are hoping this self-evaluation tool can capture how you have got on in implementing the shared values in your own setting.

    Once you complete and submit your self-evaluation, we will receive a copy of your evaluation too. This will help us see how you have got on, what worked and what did not.

    We can then capture the learnings to help shape and inform the development and future of the campaign.

    You will also receive a copy of your own evaluation, which you can then use to showcase your own success and also help you build on all the good work that you have already been doing.

    You can complete your self-evaluation annually or whenever you see best.

    By reflecting on who we are, our actions and what we do, these values will continue to strengthen the connection, love and bonds within and between the communities of the Bradford District generations to come.

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