Call out for critical thinking training

Call out for critical thinking training

Do you have a project that can help us develop and increase confidence in critical thinking skills?

Can you help us build on the work of our Anti-Rumour and Critical Thinking Strategy?

Could you help us create a District where everyone can get along, respecting and accepting difference?

Bradford For Everyone are looking for a number of organisations that we can work with to co-design a sustainable and scalable model to develop and increase critical thinking skills.  Ideally this will be delivered in a community, faith or educational setting using physical space and digital solutions, aimed to reach as many people as possible in the Bradford District. 

This should work alongside and compliment our key intervention areas aimed  at combating rumours and misconceptions about; migrants, LGBTQ+, Muslims and working class communities.  This activity sits as part of our Anti-Rumour and Critical Thinking Strategy and also used to tackle COVID-19 rumours.

We recognise that when we have similar friendships from the same backgrounds we can easily fall into the ‘like us’ syndrome and can have biases towards people who are different to us.  Sometimes these become prejudices or negative perceptions when over time they go unchecked.  The purpose behind this work is to change perceptions and build confidence in challenging rumours across the district, as well as an increased understanding of how sharing false information can have a negative and sometimes a ‘damaging’ impact on people.

What we are looking for

We will ask you to;

  • Join our group to co-design a critical thinking toolkit which we can use to deliver bespoke training for your sector.
  • To identify, engage and recruit an identified group of people and develop their critical thinking skills through a workshop, training, seminar, conference or online learning tool using the co-designed toolkit.
  • To identify ambassadors who can engage people positively, help create a counter narrative, champion the #MakeSureItAddsUp campaign through the hashtag and resources and encourage people to think twice about sharing false information.
  • To engage with a wide range of participants to develop critical thinking skills and increase confidence to challenge injustice and discrimination positively and effectively.


  • Co-designed Anti Rumour and Critical Thinking toolkit.
  • An innovative Critical Thinking training resource based on the co-designed toolkit to share wider and to be used by our programme delivery partners.
  • At least one ambassador trained in sharing the critical thinking resource created and the programme key campaign interventions
  • 50-100 people trained in Critical Thinking from the chosen sector area using the resources.


  • Increased number of people with critical thinking skills.
  • Increased number of people with further understanding of diversity.
  • Reduction of negative personal beliefs.

Interested?  What to do next?

Please contact us to discuss submitting a registration of interest explaining why you would be a suitable partner. This should be no more than two sides of A4 and include a description of your organisation’s aims and objectives and an initial timescale and breakdown of how costs would be used.

The deadline for submission is 7th August 2020.

Proposals are welcomed from charities, social enterprises and community interest groups. Bradford For Everyone will be able to provide funding of £3500 per proposal. Organisations can only submit one proposal.

The project should be delivered between September and December 2020 (subject to current context on COVID-19 and government guidelines). We are keen to fund proposals that allow us to have the widest reach geographically.

Proposals which are creative and maximise digital opportunities through the current COVID19 situation will be positively received.    

Each proposal must be fully inclusive. Proposals are open to any geographic area.

Organisations must be willing to participate in any evaluation discussions and where applicable use the Bradford For Everyone Evaluation Toolkit.

Proposals will be reviewed by a panel from the Stronger Communities Partnership Board, Bradford For Everyone Ambassadors and members of theAnti-Rumour and Critical Thinking Strategy Working Group. More information about Bradford For Everyone can be found at

The Anti Rumour and Critical Thinking Strategy is our commitment as an Intercultural City. More information can be found at

For more information about how to get involved or put forward a proposal, please contact

Background context

Bradford District was selected by the Government as one of five national Integration Areas for an ambitious programme of work as part of its Integrated Communities Strategy.

The vision of the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) is to ‘build strong integrated communities where people, whatever their background, live, work and socialise together, based on shared rights, responsibilities and opportunities.’ MHCLG is keen to work closely with local authorities that have already demonstrated a keen grasp of the challenges they face and shown a desire to try new things to meet the needs of local residents – hence why they approached Bradford District.

Over the two years of the programme we hope to create the conditions for more integration and ‘meaningful mixing’ between Bradford District’s diverse communities. Our vision for Bradford District is that it truly becomes ‘a place where everyone feels that they belong, are understood, feel safe and are able to fully participate in the opportunities the District offers.’

Through the programme, we hope to create the right conditions for the District’s diverse communities to feel comfortable to make connections with other people from backgrounds different to their own, to feel that they belong here in Bradford District and that other groups belong here too.

Bradford Council has developed a local strategy called Stronger Communities Together which features a range of exciting activities.  “’Bradford for Everyone” is the programme name under which much of the strategy is delivered. This programme of work is overseen by the Stronger Communities Partnership Board – led by an independent chair. 

Projects within this programme address such things as: co-ordinating ESOL teaching to improve levels of English; encouraging diversity in the workplace; giving people a ‘safe space’ to voice their opinions and ask potentially difficult questions; expanding the Linking Network programme that connects students from different parts of the District; empowering local people to have a voice in our programme, up skilling marginalised groups, influencing societal perceptions and behaviours, and ‘testing and learning’ from innovative projects to fully understand and record  what works.

In April 2019 we began delivering a range of activities focussing on our four key priorities;

  • Employment – Equality of opportunity. Addressing factors affecting economic participation and poverty – including language skills and educational attainment.
  • Education – Promoting greater interaction, dialogue and understanding between people from different backgrounds given the diversity of the population and the extent of residential and educational segregation; ensuring that people understand fully their rights and freedoms and their responsibilities.
  • Social Mixing – Generating and connecting people to opportunities to participate in community and civic life and strengthening leadership.
  • Perceptions of the other – Tackling crime and the fear of crime so that everyone feels safe.

The plan intends to test out new ideas, provide an evidence base for what works and to scale up existing activities.  The plan commits to providing;

  • People with opportunities no matter who we are or where we live.
  • Feel welcomed in different spaces and places
  • For everyone to be able to play their part in society
  • We can access services we need with independence and confidence.

For supporting documentation, please refer to the Bradford For Everyone website