Diversity Exchange

A collective initiative from the public and the voluntary community sector to create ‘a place where everyone feels that they belong, are understood, feel safe and are able to fully participate in the opportunities Bradford district and Craven offers.’

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Bradford is big with lots of different people and places. It’s got everything a place needs to do well - tons of energy, loads of ideas and massive potential especially as we’re the UK’s youngest city. We are strongest when we have high levels of trust and everyone works with each other to get things done. The Diversity exchange brings people from different organisations and communities to help make our district a fairer place where everyone has the chance to do well and to be healthier and happier.

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Community Leaders programme

This programme is for women across the Bradford district and Craven area who are interested in having more say in decisions that might affect them. The programme is intended to develop diverse women into a range of board positions such as schools, Health, Council and Voluntary and Community groups. To learn more, Wellsprings are running 5 consultation sessions across the Bradford District over July followed by a 4-month programme from September – December 2024 followed by board placements from January 2025. Please contact kaneez.khan@wellspringstogether.org.uk for more information.

Inclusive Employers Network

The network consists of around 100 local organisations in Bradford District who are taking proactive steps in making their organisations more inclusive.

The network meets to discuss and share good practice in the areas of inclusive employment and social mobility.

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Trust Collaboratory

The Collaboratory is for people working within the Public and Voluntary, Community, Social Enterprise Sector (Police, Council, WYFRS, Schools, Faith etc.).

We are paying close attention to trust as a signal for how well we are doing as a Place, and are on a mission to improve and increase levels of trust within and between communities and within and across organisations.

Safety of Women and Girls

We’re developing a localized plan with full support across our partners. To support our ambition, there is a ‘one-stop-shop’ dedicated to fostering a safe environment for women and girls, using a range of valuable tools and information tailored for schools, young people, governors, Senior Leadership Teams, parents and carers.

For more information or to access the resources please click here: Welcome to Safety of Women & Girls | Skills 4 Bradford

We’re Rooting out Racism

Working collaboratively across Bradford district and Craven it aims to proactively challenge racism across all aspects of society, to reduce health inequalities, and to help individuals and organisations to become actively anti-racist. Find out more www.rootoutracismwestyorkshire.com

Replay Amplify

Amplify is designed to celebrate, build awareness and share good practice on key days, weeks and months of significance sending a clear message that people, no matter what their background matter to us. Click below to replay any of our previous videos or visit our cultural calendar where you can download our free calendar or download dates of significance straight onto your phone or laptop.

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