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Community Champions Project

Bradford Council, Stronger Communities has been awarded funding to focus on building awareness of mental health; reducing isolation and loneliness, improving general mental and physical wellbeing and strengthening links to social prescribing. The project will run up to May 2022. The project will be delivered in partnership - The Race Equality Network, Equality Together, CABAD, The Bridge Project, Skillshouse and The Linking Network.

Community Champions Project will see the recruitment of 260 Community Champions from communities across Bradford, who will each receive training so that they can be best equipped to support people to be happier, kinder and healthier. The Champions will be involved in improving mental and physical wellbeing activities, befriending and intergenerational linking. For information contact or register to be a champion here.

Diversity Exchange

Our people make our place interesting, diverse and exciting. We don't shy away from difference, instead we’re proactively moving towards it - not just tolerating it but making it a strength.

‘Even if we don't like it, we still deal with the harder issues rather than ignoring them.’ Anonymous, Leading the Way in equality, diversity and inclusion survey 2022.

That’s why we are investing in our people; whether paid or unpaid by setting up the Diversity Exchange. The more confidence, capability and capacity we can build into our place on equity, diversity, belonging, social connections and trust the better our services and projects will address the needs of our communities. By working together, we can co-create and co-deliver solutions where we all can truly embrace diversity, create equitable access for all and value inclusion in everything we do.

The Diversity Exchange is a one stop platform for all things related to; equity, diversity, belonging, social connections and trust. It is open to all organisations from social enterprises, grass root groups to large statutory organisations.

The Exchange is designed to be a ‘meeting space’ or a ‘point’ in which we can cross boundaries, hear diverse perspectives and come together to collaborate in the spirit of ‘acting as one’. The Exchange is designed to share learning from the work we all do, build understanding and awareness of our place and population, carve time to reflect and work differently and innovatively.

As part of the Exchange you will get access to;

  • Events and training. Our Amplify programme has a range of place based shared webinars designed to celebrate, build awareness and share good practice on key dates such as Race Equality Week, LGBTQ+ History Month, Disability History Month and so on.
  • Conferences and road shows
  • Communities of practice
  • Guides, toolkits and what works in improving equity, diversity, belonging, social connections and trust.

Inclusive Employers Network

Interested in equality, diversity and inclusion? Want to advance this in your organisations? Then join our network of employers.

The network consists of around 100 local organisations in Bradford District who employ people who work in the district or organisations who have an interest in equality, inclusion and diversity. These organisation come from a range of sectors including the public, private and voluntary sector.

The network meets quarterly with a rotating chair to discuss and share good practice in the areas of inclusive employment, social mobility, diversity and equality. These meetings have a focus on how organisations can utilise our framework and toolkit developed in partnership with Grant Thornton or learn from others to create more inclusive employers. The toolkit itself provides a step by step guide on how organisations can undertake an assessment of where they are and useful resources to move them along.

The network is closely connected to initiatives such as the University of Bradford’s Graduate Workforce project and also aims to develop our workforce and ensuring that we recruit more creatively to get the right people into the right jobs, building on our diversity strength and ensuring that everyone has opportunities to do well in our district.

The network and toolkit are supported by a Coach who can work with organisations by undertaking an early assessment of where you are.

If you would like to join the network or would like more information or details of next meetings, please email us at



The Innovation Fund is the Partnership’s grass root programme which offers grant funding for community organisations to deliver, test or scale up ideas or address emerging tensions. All project activities are intended to engage all communities with primarily focus on those in poorer deprived communities. We have had a fantastic response, we thank everyone who has participated and has been involved in our work. 50 projects have been successful in all of our four rounds. Thank you!

All of our rounds have now closed.

Our Partners

We have developed and commissioned a wide range of projects that engage with a diverse group of people living across our district. All our projects have been chosen following lots of discussions with local people and organisations and collectively we have sought to include these in our activities. By March 2021 we will have commissioned over 40 projects, which will aim to engage and reach over 38,000 people.

Our current Partners include;

Getting on

More people will have improved their quality of life, feel happier about the future, be able to fully participate and be better equipped to engage in the economy.

Grant Thornton

Inclusive Employers work intensively with two employers whilst disseminating learning to other employers to make sure that more people can get access to and better jobs.

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English Language Advice Hub

What is your experience of learning English in Bradford District?
What are the barriers to learning and progression?
Are you looking for a course?

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HFT (HF Trust Ltd)

This activity aims to help reduce social isolation, support people into work and build community cohesion in the Bolton Woods area of Bradford.

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Milan Centre

The project will deliver education for life through ESOL classes.

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Bevan Healthcare

The Living Well in Bradford project will provide bespoke support to Refugee and Asylum Seekers to strengthen their wider community connections and community involvement; improve their health and wellbeing and progress economically and socially.

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CNet - Roma Strategy Project

A roma strategy is being developed working alongside organisations to make sure we can help organisations to support this community better.

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School of Metal Bashers

This project is aimed at beginners who want to feel confident in using technology and the internet. Participants will develop technical skills and improve basic communication skills.

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Get Together Bradford

This project connects individuals with buddies to help them cope with social isolation, understanding English and navigating services and support which can be found across the district.

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Refugee Training & Preparation programme

This project will deliver training programmes for Refugees and Asylum seekers who are preparing for life in the district. Topics will range from language barriers to volunteering.

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First Steps

This will encourage all residents of Windhill to become ‘guest speakers’ at sessions held at the local community centre. These will reflect the diversity of the community and encourage those involved to get to know their neighbours.

Acts of Kindness

By helping older and younger residents of Wilsden to take part in different events, the project will foster a greater understanding between these groups, showing how they can work together to build a stronger & healthier neighbourhood alongside promoting a positive image of younger people.

Dance Artyfacts

Involving young and older participants with disabilities who have experienced social isolation during Covid, the project will encourage physical activity, increased self-confidence and social skills during fun online sessions with elements of dance & art.

Afternoon Tea

Members of East Bowling Pensioners Club will enjoy an afternoon tea, bingo and an opportunity to relax and socialise with others.

Promoting Interaction & Understanding

Karmand Community Centre are organizing coach trips for residents to Blackpool & Filey to help bridge community divides and promote understanding,

Happy Bench

The Friends of Bradford Moor Park have installed a bench for residents to have a socially-distanced chat to help to improve cohesion and wellbeing.

Mother & Baby Group

For parents who have babies and young children at St James’ Community Hall.

Read & Play Together

Bringing young people & children together from established, migrant and refugee communities to develop their language skills. The project will also use football as a way of encouraging interaction, learning about one other and making friends.

Castaways - Welcome Back

Relaunch of the community choir & theatre group.

Getting along

More people will have an increased understanding and respect for other people’s views and cultures, and will also understand the rights and responsibilities of living in the District and the UK.

CNet - Community Conversations

Community conversations is about creating spaces for difficult conversations. A roma strategy is being developed working alongside organisations to make sure we can help organisations to support this community better.

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Thornbury Centre

Bfd As 1 helps people to be active in their communities and contribute to civic life through development training and leading on social action.

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Linking Network

Linking Network supports schools by helping children and young people in primary and secondary schools to explore identity and celebrate diversity.

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Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene deliver a number of sessions to raise awareness of hate crime in small sessions to young people to help them understand the consequences of this on other people, provide alternative ways of thinking about the problem and solution, provide a range of diversionary and positive activities.

Great Horton Common Ground Project

Great Horton Common Ground Project employ a Community Development Worker to support with environmental issues, including waste, fly-tipping and a lack of tidy communal areas; fears of anti-social behaviour, ‘gangs’ and safety and low levels of social mixing between groups of different backgrounds.

Free2B-Me Community Garden

This will be the district’s LGBTQ+ Community Garden, which will facilitate positive interactions between the LGBTQ+ communities and marginalised groups across the district.

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Friends of Bradford Moor Park Project

Delivering in Bradford Moor Park, participants will concentrate on tree planting and developing a communal garden including exploring different exercise programmes and clubs.

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Think Future

The project supports group engagement between women across the generations within the diverse communities of Keighley. It provides safe, supportive sessions to break-down barriers, increase confidence and understanding and raise aspirations.

Woodland Clear-Up & Preservation

Adults with learning difficulties who are transitioning from school to adulthood will take part in outdoor activities and a woodland clear-up.

Mental Health Support for the Young

Supporting vulnerable young people with mental-health & behavioural problems. Providing them with opportunities for education and personal development alongside technology to allow them to access online counselling.

Mental Health Outreach Programme

Using fun and engaging online sessions to support disenfranchised students from Beckfoot Heaton School and their families to re-engage with school life after lockdown.

Community Events Programme

A series of activities aimed at improving physical & mental wellbeing. This will include workshops on guided meditation, yoga, cooking, gardening and crafts.

Getting involved

More people from all backgrounds will connect with others, participate in civic life and get involved in their own communities.


The programme aims to deliver a step change in cultural engagement and participation to reflect and involve more of our diverse communities.

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Citizen Coin Bradford

Social Coin is an app which enables people to earn digital discount coins when undertaking social value activities, such as volunteering, the coins can then be exchanged to get discounts off goods and services

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People Can

People Can is an open invitation to everyone in our communities to work together and discover how we can make a difference to our lives and the places we live.

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Invest in our Youth

This project encourages people from all cultural backgrounds to work together. Participants will develop an understanding of different cultures and develop communication and group skills.

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Move on Up and Participate

The project will help refugee and migrant communities to understand that culture is not static but dynamic and to address the stigma regarding refugee and asylum seekers in our society.

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Young Peacemakers

This project is a 20 week peace education programme aiming to inspire 8-15 yr olds to make change in themselves, families, communities and across the world and take local positive action.

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Friends of Roberts park

Highlighting the importance of bio-diversity and clean, safe spaces for general health & wellbeing through hands-on education and tree planting, involving local residents and the wider Bradford community.

Promote Community Pride

Friends of Greengates Cenotaph encourage community pride and involvement by creating street art on media boxes and utility cabinets.

Community Garden

Developing a community garden to increase environmental awareness, local pride & cohesion and create an opportunity for all generations to come together and learn more about food sustainability and healthy eating.

Our Girlington Podcast

A weekly podcast covering different topics that involves local people as role models and delivers important messages.

Feeling safe

More people will say they feel satisfied with their neighbourhood and feel safer across our District.

Tharoor Associates and Hári Sewell - HS Consultancy

Both organisations deliver a workforce training programme that delivers a range of inclusive, equality and diversity awareness raising sessions for leaders and staff.

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Hate Crime Alliance

Hate Crime Alliance will review the hate crime reporting centres, developing tools to better support hate crime reporting, improve and empower victims of hate crime, social media hate online including Misogyny and identifying routes to counter this and signposting people to services and support.

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Let’s Talk About it

This is a 10 week program which encourages participants to reflect on the impact of racism and extremism within our community.

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African study for change

This project will deliver five training workshops to educate individuals on the history and achievements of and by African men and women and the impact this has made.

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Boxing for All

Using sport as an opportunity for children & young people to mix with and learn about people from different backgrounds in order to combat intolerance & harassment, build mutual respect, learn shared values and encourage a sense of commitment to common goals.

The Youth voice

A weekly podcast created by young people to raise awareness of important issues impacting on their lives, such as drugs, hate crime, bullying & cyber-bullying and littering, helping those involved to build confidence, learn new skills and gain knowledge.

The little things can make a big difference

Partnering Marie Curie Helpers with those living with a terminal illness to provide companionship, emotional support, practical help, information on further support and respite for families & carers.