Help develop our inclusive, equal and diverse workforce in Bradford District

Help develop our inclusive, equal and diverse workforce in Bradford District

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Based on findings from our ground-breaking behavioural science Culturelytics survey Bradford For Everyone are looking to join with partners to run a range of training interventions in the district to create an inclusive, diverse and equal workforce.

We believe that building inclusive mind sets in diverse communities is a vital task in today’s world, and for the future of our communities. But culture change is a complex task, so we partnered with the data company Culturelytics to give us clear insights into the challenge. They used AI (artificial intelligence) and behavioural science to help us understand people’s attitudes, what challenges different groups are facing, and what will help build inclusive mind-sets and behaviours. This will help us to shape our programme and effectively drive greater impact in the workforce community.

The survey findings have identified the following 10 keys areas;

  1. Winning the pandemic (Feelings) – Training to help everyone feel included and on-board equally during the district COVID-19 response.
  2. Building High Performance Teams – Understand the advantage of diversity in teams and how to build this into organisational objectives to meet key indicators.  
  3. Building Relationships – Understand how to work with people who are diverse and build equal relationships. 
  4. Performance Coaching and Mentoring – Understand our bias when mentoring people of diverse backgrounds. 
  5. Communication & Negotiation Skills – How do we communicate a shared outcome and get results with diverse groups with different needs and ideologies.
  6. Emotional Intelligence – How to understand impact of diversity on emotions of teams and how they become empowered.
  7. Having Difficult Conversations – How do we respond positively and constructively when something challenges us to get a shared positive outcome. 
  8. Adapt to win – Understand our diverse workforce and adapt as organisations to meet individual skills and allow people to be their whole self at work. 
  9. Succession Planning/Talent Management – How do leaders ensure diverse teams grow with everyone included.
  10. Unconscious Bias – Unconscious Bias training for all staff,

especially leaders who can be agents of change.

Bradford For Everyone are looking for a number of organisations that we can work with to co-design training interventions and develop our inclusive, equal and diverse workforce.  This will be delivered across the District covering a range of sectors using physical space and digital solutions, aimed to reach as many people as possible. 

While we are looking for a range of providers, we are looking for a lead organisation to oversee the project to help us monitor and evaluate outcomes. Therefore we are only accepting consortium bids with a clear lead organisation.

Overall project outputs:

Bradford District workforce benchmarked using the AI tool working with organisations across the Public, Private, Voluntary, Education, Health and Arts and Couture Sectors. (this is completed and will be made available to those taking part to help shape training).

  • Workforce training plan developed for Bradford District across the six sectors meeting all 10 areas from survey findings; 
  • 30 people (ideally 5 from each sector) to become agents of change, who will have primarily responsibility to support culture change in their organisation and would be willing to work part of a network of change makers and participate in a learning action group;
  • Use the Inclusive Employer Toolkit alongside the training and provide feedback on its use (ideally 1 organisation in each sector);
  • 240 staff (ideally 40 people from each sector) trained through rapid training approach.

 Overall project outcomes:

  • Improved recruitment or employment practices.
  • Services improved in meeting the needs of communities
  • Reduction of bullying and discrimination.
  • Reduction of negative personal beliefs.
  • More staff will recognise hate crime.
  • More staff will be able to support victims of hate crime.

However these outcomes will be refined on what can be measured with the lead partner.

Interested?  What to do next?

Please contact us to discuss submitting an application form.

The deadline for submission is 4 December 2020.

Proposals are welcomed from workforce training experts, charities, social enterprises and community interest groups. The contract will be a total value of £20,000.

The project should be delivered between January 2021- June 2021 (subject to current context on COVID-19 and government guidelines).

Proposals which are creative and maximise digital opportunities through the current COVID19 situation will be positively received.   

It is also worth noting that there are existing plans in place for Critical Thinking training through our Anti Rumour and Critical Thinking Strategy and an ‘Afrikan Study for change’, which aims to reduce prejudice towards people of African origin, through our small grants programme; the Innovation Fund.

Organisations must be willing to participate in evaluation discussions and where applicable use the Bradford For Everyone Evaluation Toolkit.

Proposals will be reviewed by a panel from the Stronger Communities Partnership Board, Stakeholders and Ambassadors. More information about Bradford For Everyone can be found at

For more information about how to get involved please contact  

Please download the application form here.