Life in Covid-19

Life in Covid-19

I love being outside, enjoying our natural world and going out with my friends and family, which I really miss. I have now been in self isolation since the beginning of March, and have to say the first two weeks were extremely difficult for me, it made me feel sad – the isolation increased by anxiety and my moods were low. But it also gave me time to really reflect, really think about all those people in our communities who have to live with isolation every day, those who are lonely, those who have disabilities, are elderly or have health issues and can’t easily get out and about and those who don’t have any friends or family. I have to admit this made me even more sad.  

I am really pleased that I am able to be part of programmes like Bradford for Everyone and how our work is all about bringing people together, looking at ways where we work with everyone and are caring and protecting each other and making sure that no one is left behind. This experience of Covid-19 has opened up my mind even more and I feel happy that I am part of this really important work which is needed now more than ever.

As time is passing things are getting a little better for me, as I have filled my day with activities and some routine like exercising, baking, my bedroom has never been so clean (my mum is so happy) and I have started to learn new languages, such Spanish and Arabic.  I call to chat with my friends and family every day, especially those who I know also may feel the same as I did, a little low, bored, lonely and just feeling down. We cheer each other up. I also love how on the Bradford For Everyone Whats App group we talk nearly every day about what we all are up to, sharing stories, games, photos of our homes, gardens and cooked meals as well as sharing recipes and ideas on how to stay active and fit.

I think Covid-19 has brought us more together, which is so nice. I like helping other people and will do even more after living in these times of Covid-19.

Ikra, 22 and visually impaired