Make Sure It Adds Up

Make Sure It
Adds Up

Getting Bradford to stop, think and consider uncertain information before sharing

The Make Sure It Adds Up campaign aims to get more people from across the Bradford District to practice and promote ‘critical thinking’ when receiving and sharing uncertain information either online, in person, or over instant messaging apps.

Critical thinking might be described as the ability to reflect and think independently. When we think critically, we’re able to safely and respectfully question ideas and assumptions rather than simply accept them.

Why is this important?

The Make Sure It Adds Up campaign’s overarching aim is to reduce hate crime in the Bradford District and improve the lives of all people in our communities. Rumours harm all people and all communities in the district - however, this negative discourse can be avoided by giving people the skills to think critically when receiving uncertain information.

How do I think critically?

Everyone can learn how to think critically no matter your age, your ethnicity, or your background.

Whenever you receive uncertain information from a friend, colleague or family member - either online, in person or over instant messaging apps - take your time and ASK, BASE, CHECK before sharing the information with others.

Promote critical thinking in your community and organisation?

If you would like to promote critical thinking and share the ‘Make Sure It Adds Up’ message in your community or organisation, then there are a range of FREE downloadable resources you can use.

Digital Training Toolkit - This toolkit can be used by any business, charity, faith group, activity group, community organisation, school or college in the Bradford District to share and promote critical thinking with their community.

Social Media and Print Assets - You can download a range of social graphics and posters to promote critical thinking with your network. There are assets suitable for Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn.

Community Learning Resources - The ‘Make Sure It Adds’ up campaign partnered with organisations to develop learning resources that will help promote critical thinking within specific communities. These are all listed below.

Free to download resources

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