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Bradford’s People Library is a collection of ‘human books’ highlighting the many things we have in common as human beings, as well as celebrating our differences. Read on for inspiring stories from people born and bred or newly arrived and who live in all parts of our wonderful district. Demonstrating that there is always more to a human ‘book’ than just its cover.

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Islamophobia is one of four campaigns for the Anti-Rumour and Critical Thinking Strategy.  As part of the #IAMBRADFORD month this November, we talk to nine diverse Muslims...
Write Your Own Scripts
I’m black and I come from a council estate. I was trying to break into an industry where you're expected to hide where you’re from. My name is Peter 'Rad' Miller....
During my childhood it often felt like all the odds were against me. I was born in Bradford and lived in Windhill, Shipley for most of my youth. At great cost to my...