Refugee community makes Face covering to distribute to vulnerable people

Refugee community makes Face covering to distribute to vulnerable people

This is an excellent initiative set up by Wahid Rashid Refugee Engagement Coordinator with Support from Mahmood Mohammed Stronger Communities Coordinator. For Refugees, Asylum Seekers and EU Migrants to come together in make reusable face covering for the vulnerable people of Bradford in Partnership with Bradford College and CABAD.

As soon as the idea about creating reusable face coverings by volunteers was brought to the table Wahid developed a programme and approached people he was supporting to ask if this was something they would be interested in, there was an overwhelming response from the Refugees to say they will be more then happy to help. When Wahid approached Grange Interlink and The Good Shepard Centre Keighley to discuss the Initiative they both jumped at the chance and offered their venues to be used for this unique project. This is a great example of amazing multi agency partnership working with the betterment for communities in Bradford.

By working in partnership with Bradford College, Wahid set this up as an accredited sewing course. Once again Bradford College Adult Learning Manager Duncan was delighted to support the programme and provided the centres with tutors and sewing machines to help run the programme in the community bases. Without all the partners and support this would not have been possible. Wahid from Skills House, has said he is looking forward to continuing working with all the partners to develop further initiatives to help the vulnerable people of Bradford

Mahmood Mohammed
Stronger Communities Delivery Co-ordinator