Statement for the Intercultural Cities World Refugee Day campaign – #EveryoneCounts

Statement for the Intercultural Cities World Refugee Day campaign – #EveryoneCounts

As Lord Mayor of Bradford I am proud that Bradford is a member of Intercultural Cities and one of the country’s first Cities of Sanctuary. In Bradford we understand the importance of welcoming, supporting and truly valuing Refugees who have come to make their new home in the district. All human beings are born equal in rights and dignity, and people suffering abuse or fleeing for their lives should be shielded, welcomed and given the opportunity to realise their potential here.

We have a long and proud history of people from many countries making their lives here in Bradford.  Those people have added to Bradford’s success and its vibrancy. 

The mixture of cultures and backgrounds has made Bradford what it is.  And what it is, to many, is a warm and welcoming home where they can give of themselves and flourish.

Whether qualified or not, Refugees can be a real source of dynamism and innovation, contributing much in terms of social and economic development. Recently we have seen how Refugees workers have supported our NHS and Care facilities as our families and communities have been threatened by the Covid-19 pandemic. Refugees have long contributed to our society, our economy, our culture, our sporting success and our academic knowledge, but all too often we fail to fully recognise the advantages that having such a diverse population bring to the country.

On World Refugee Day 2020 we encourage all residents to recognise that #EveryoneCounts

Cllr Doreen Lee

Lord Mayor of Bradford, UK