Interfaith work goes ‘transatlantic’

Interfaith work goes ‘transatlantic’

Interfaith study visit from Fresno Pacific University to Bradford, UK

On June 27th 2023 a group of university students from Fresno Pacific University in California will be undertaking a study visit to Bradford, UK. The visit follows on from a joint online series of webinars led by Bradford for Everyone involving organisations in Bradford and Fresno to discuss shared interfaith topics.

This collaborative learning discussion has included workshops focused on interfaith responses to the pandemic, interfaith support for migrant communities, humanism and faith, LGBTQ+ and faith, Islamophobia and Antisemitism, international faith complexities and how faith can improve integration and cohesion.

During their excursion to Bradford the group from California will be visiting a variety of local organisations. These will include Bradford Foundation Trust, the Millside Centre and the University of Bradford, to discuss how changes in faith diversity are shaping the UK narrative.

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