What Works

What works

One size does not fit all.

Local solutions are needed for local problems but we are keen to understand the types of activities that work and those that do not ,and in what conditions positive outcomes can be fostered. Through evaluating a number of activities and campaigns we have been gathering evidence to help us understand better what can drive the best outcomes for those living in our district.

We are really excited to share what we’ve learned so far which is informed by our comprehensive monitoring and evaluation methods.


We have designed a rigorous and effective way of monitoring the performance of our projects in order to see if each project is reaching, engaging and recruiting people that reflects the diversity of our population.


Our evaluation will help us learn the best practices and identify the challenges in achieving successful outcomes for our residents and their impact on a wider community.

Partner Forum

The Partner Forum was set up in March 2019 as a platform which aims to bring together organisations, schools and employers across the district with an interest in integration and cohesion.

We use this avenue as a way to share learning from projects, campaigns, research and evaluation work; and providing space for collaboration and meaningful partnership working with the aim to develop innovative solutions to some of the most entrenched and challenging issues. To join our next event, sign up to our newsletter.

Our evaluation shows us if each project is:

  • Reaching out to a diverse community
  • Providing opportunities for meaningful social mixing between people from various backgrounds
  • Providing opportunities for learning and understanding
  • Maintaining participants’ engagements and satisfaction
  • Meeting the intended outcomes for each project


We work closely with the University of Bradford who have appointed a Social Integration Research Fellow funded through this programme. The aim is to understand patterns in how people decide where to live and go to school, the extent of hate crime in our district and how we can support grass root organisations to evidence their impact.

To find out about the current research taking place on Hate Crime please download the information sheet.

Community Readiness

Community readiness is a tool to assess how much communities are ready for a change. Community readiness is an evidence –based methodology which gauges the degree to which a community is ready to take action on an issue across six dimensions; community efforts, community knowledge of the efforts, leadership, community climate, community knowledge about the issue and resources relating to the issue. This produces a community readiness rating from a scale of 1-9 which then can be used to inform the design of the activities. The model was developed by the Tri-Ethnic Centre for Prevention Research at Colorado State University and has been trailed and tested by the University of Bradford.

The use of this tool within our project delivery will make sure that our services are designed at an appropriate level and for the communities that need it the most. We will be conducting our community readiness research in 5 wards across the district.