Who we are

Who we are

About Bradford For Everyone

The Bradford For Everyone programme is led by the Stronger Communities team at Bradford Council and is overseen by an independent partnership. The programme delivers innovative, and well-evidenced, initiatives which bring people and communities together in meaningful and sustainable ways.

Our programme focusses across four key areas;

  • Getting On - Address factors affecting economic participation and language skills.
  • Getting Along - Promote greater interaction, dialogue and understanding between people from different backgrounds; ensuring that people understand fully their rights and freedoms and their responsibilities.
  • Getting Involved - Generating and connecting people to opportunities to participate in community and civic life and strengthening leadership.
  • Feeling Safe - Tackling hate crime and the fear of hate crime so that everyone feels safe.

Our 70+ ‘test and learn’ style projects, which will have engaged with over 38,000 people in the district, have ranged from a small scale project bringing children of different ethnic, religious or socio-economic backgrounds together through the medium of collective game design, to a large-scale systemic piece of work which is enabling employers to become truly ‘inclusive’.

We believe with passion that our district is full of amazing people, places and potential. Whether you were born, bred or newly arrived, we believe that we are more enriched and stronger when we’re connected; when each of us feel we are understood, belong, safe and can reach our full potential.

Our Stronger Communities Partnership

Our vision is ‘of a place where everyone feels that they belong, are understood, feel safe and are able to fully participate in the opportunities the District offers.’

The Bradford Stronger Communities Partnership oversees all the activities that deliver under the Stronger Communities Together Strategy. The Partnership is made up between strategic leaders, the voluntary, private and faith sectors and local people who live in our district.

Download our structure.

For further information of the work of the Stronger Communities Partnership, please contact hello@bradfordforeveryone.co.uk or download our strategy.

We are many hearts, one Community

Our Ambassadors are made up of passionate people who are willing to work together, regardless of who we are or where we come from, to create a caring, accepting and a supportive district where everyone can be the best version of themselves.

We believe our communities have an important role to play. You know yourself and the communities you see yourself apart of - best. Our Ambassadors help us get it right for all communities by telling us whether what we deliver is working or not.

Loraine Hughes

Shipley and SCP Board member

I have worked as an expat in the cosmopolitan city of Dubai. I am a Postgraduate Microbiologist and Food Safety Management Specialist. I love that we can share and learn from our alleged differences, which really are just different ways of doing the same things.

Michael Frazer

Bradford East and SCP Board member

I have worked in the Civil Service for 39 years and took early retirement to act as Carer for my wife, who unfortunately died from leukaemia in 2016. I am convinced that community involvement and membership of group’s helps people cope who may otherwise be isolated or vulnerable which impacts on their mental and physical health.

Mercy Katola

Bradford East

I’m passionate about helping people and giving unheard voices a platform. I work as a panellist of Migration Matters, Raising Every Voice on BCB Radio. As a single mum, I went through a lot of challenges back in my country. I also understand what its like to not have enough food to keep a family going for a day.

Bernadette Gallagher

Keighley and SCP Board member

My parents moved from Ireland and settled in the UK in the 1950s. My values have been formed over the years by my parents, my education and my working career as a social worker. I have retired from my statutory social work role, but want to continue to work with others to make our District a better place to live.

Abdul Hamid Ismail

Bradford West

I have been a resident of Bradford for over 47 years. I have vast experience of voluntary and statutory sector. The roles I have had in the past in the city give me knowledge of various levels of service delivery, volunteering, management and strategy, where I have learnt the real life, grass-roots challenges. It is an honour to contribute and to serve this work.

Jabu Phiri

Bradford East

I’m passionate about Bradford. I would like to see my city and my home family thrive in all capacity and believe this work can achieve this. I am currently a student at the University of Bradford. As a Bradford citizen who has immersed myself in community life. I feel that I can use my extensive knowledge gained to bring about a greater difference.

Christy Bischoff

Bradford West

I came to Bradford from the USA to study Peace Studies and have never left. Bradford has become my home. I want to raise my children in a way that they have opportunities and confidence in building meaningful and lasting relationships with people, while understanding the privileges that they have. I am interested in meeting new people and looking at how to get involved in some of the projects.

Ikra Shakoor

Bradford South

I am 23 years old and live in Bradford South. I am a Young Ambassador with Bradford’s Youth Service. I have Bardet Biedl Syndrome (BBS) and one of the impacts of this is that I am visually impaired. I want to help make the community stronger, encourage people to get involved, and help people to get along with each other regardless of their differences.

Ezhil Anand


I was born in India and have lived in UK over the last 20 years. I came to take up the consultant Psychiatrist job in Bradford 12 years ago after living in Nottingham, Derby, Newcastle, Scotland and Oxford. I reside in Bingley with my wife, who is a GP and my 2 children. I love social work and want to make a difference in other people's life. I believe human beings are the same irrespective of their background.

Peter Wallis

Bradford East

I was born in Bristol and gained a BSc (hons) degree in physics at Southampton University. I came to Bradford, living in Idle from 1977. After 22 years at Wharfedale, I moved on to Filtronics/Teledyne, still doing electronics design. I was married for 37 years and have one son. Unfortunately my wife died in 2014 after a long illness just as I was due to retire. As a Christian I strongly believe everybody has equal rights and it is our duty to help each other.

Jean Gallagher


Born in Bradford, I have lived in Bingley for 32 years. I am a mum of four and gran of seven (soon to be eight). I worked as a nurse midwife and lecturer. My vision is to see Bradford as a shining example of people who see each other as fellow humans, with an understanding of a wide range of cultures and interest in understanding each other’s points of view.

Asumani Susho

Bradford West

I am grateful and proud of the wonderful city of the Bradford, the culture of welcoming and support are enormous. I have lived in this great city nearly a decade and found a place called Home. I am passionate about working with most disadvantaged and deprived individuals in our society, engage and encourage them to take action to improve their lives so that none is felt forgotten.

Ayra Najeeb

Bradford West and SCP Board member

My name is Ayra and I am a 17-year-old British Pakistani. I have grown up in Bradford and I may only be 17 but in these years I have learnt that there are many diverse communities within Bradford, and I believe that it is important that we come together and make sure they have someone who can listen to them. I want to help ensure that the future of Bradford, and all of our communities, stays strong. I want to demonstrate to young people that their voices matter too.

Gloria Heilbron Buelvas

Bradford East

I am from Colombia, a mother, a teacher, passionate gardener and painter. I enjoy doing community work and helping other people. I love my role as an Ambassador as I can share my culture, learn about others and help celebrate our similarities.

Lynda Ferguson


I was born in Keighley and am proud to say I worked as a primary school teacher in local schools for 25 years until a cancer diagnosis in 2011. I am now semi-retired, still teaching which is my passion and enjoy quality time with my grandchildren, volunteering and fundraising for local charities. I am looking forward to working with other ambassadors, breaking down barriers, and to making a difference.

Vasaq Hussain Akhtar


I am 19 years old, studying joinery at Keighley college. I have four brothers, I enjoy music especially rapping, and I can also fix computers inside out. Growing up can sometimes be challenging especially when we all come from different backgrounds and abilities. I do want to make a positive difference in my life. I try my best. As an ambassador I want to be a voice for young people.

Jeremy Griffen


I have lived in Bradford my whole life and am a passionate believer in increasing social mobility and awareness, with the hope of helping those who would otherwise not have access to the means or opportunities to reach their full potential. I also feel that Bradford's cultural diversity is not only something to be celebrated, but a valuable means by which we can educate and enlighten ourselves to broaden our own thoughts and ideas through differing perspectives.

Subhan Asif

Youth Ambassador and SCP Board member

My name is Subhan Asif, I am a young, Muslim adult of Pakistani background who lives in Bradford west. I was born in Pakistan and I moved here when I was 3 years old. Currently I am in year 12 studying Biology, Chemistry and Psychology for my A levels, and am an aspiring medic. Growing up, I realised that young adults don’t get much input in the growth and development of our city. Since Bradford has the youngest population in the whole of the UK, I wanted to make sure that as a young adult myself, I make a positive impact for everyone.

Kayle McCoy

Bradford South and SCP Board member

My name is Kayle McCoy and I am Bradford HCPC registered Dramatherapist. I became a Bradford for Everyone Ambassador because I want to play a role in decisions made for the local people. I strongly believe Bradford is made BY the people For the people!

Jade Ibegbuna


Bradford is a fascinating city that I am very proud to call home. Having worked in community development for over 10 years, I know the importance of people being connected to where they live, having a voice and feeling valued. My vision is to see individuals empowered, communities thriving and for Bradford to embrace being a city full of people that were born to do things differently.

Saleena Rani

Bradford West

I am a creative writer and I have been born and bred in Girlington, Bradford. I joined the programme as I wanted to develop my personal skills and to help make the city of Bradford thrive. It is full of the most amazing individuals, communities, and locations. The more people who get to see that, the better!

Ahmed Khan


Born and bred in Bradford, spent 25 years working in different parts of the UK after graduating as a Chemical Engineer - returning recently and wanting to give back to my hometown!

Noor Haider


Life isn’t a linear experience, for many they will experience ups and downs. Despite this, I believe these experiences are what allow us to grow to learn and become better humans. Helping people through their experiences is something which gives me a great deal of satisfaction. Being the shoulder to lean on, the ear to listen, in whatever form I can help someone, it gives me a personal happiness and I always try my best. As an ESOL teacher I have worked with people from multiple social, cultural and economic backgrounds which have only shown me the uniqueness of each journey taken by these strong individuals. Working with community groups has made me realise how important mental health is, which I am also very passionate about. I hope I can make a positive difference in people’s lives, by mentoring and motivating and supporting them into reaching their goals.

Our Team

Our team is made up of a diverse range of people, who all have a passion for the district. Together we deliver on the Bradford For Everyone programme and collectively we support the vision of the Stronger Communities Together Strategy.

Zahra Niazi

Programme Lead


Barry Cusack

Project Support Officer


Matt Henderson

Project Support Officer


Neena Punnu

Project Support Officer


Jonathan Moody

Data Administration Apprentice


Mahmood Mohammed

Stronger Communities Delivery Coordinator