Inclusive, equal and diverse workforce training programme

Inclusive, equal and diverse workforce training programme

Following our collaboration across the public, private, voluntary, education, arts and culture and health sectors in Bradford District and following findings from our Culturelytics Workforce Survey the following training has been made available for all employers in the district. The training is for all employees and also specifically for senior leaders.

Please see details for the training below and how to book a session. Please share this with your workforce and wider networks.

Employee training Programme Schedule

Inclusion & Diversity Employee Training

Date/Time options: June 23rd, June 30th, July 7th, July 14th, July 21st, July 28th (10am – 12pm on each Wednesday)

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Facilitators: Tharoor Associates, Empowering Minds, Mohammed Ali

About the session: This 2 hour dynamic workshop will cover 4 fundamental themes of Emotional Intelligence, Building Relationships, Having Difficult Conversations and Communication & Negotiation Skills. It will focus on both personal development and recognition of needs and situations giving you the knowledge and tools to respond positively and constructively to life and work situations. Please note each session/date can only have 20 employees/participants therefore please email us to make a larger booking.

Inherent Bias Training

Date/Time options: June 29th (1pm -3pm), July 12th (2pm – 4pm), July 22nd (10:30am – 12:30pm), July 29th (10am – 12pm), August 2nd (9am – 11pm), August 4th (10am – 12pm)

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Facilitators: HS Consultancy, Mohammed Ali, Equality Together, Aspire-igen/MotivMed, Tharoor Associates, Empowering Minds

About the session: This highly mindful workshop focuses on tackling biases in the workplace and addressing the psycho-social and systematic concepts related to Inherent Bias. Each session will be facilitated by one of the above partners who will bring a specific expertise to this important field with the aim to explore implicit and explicit bias and how to empower yourself and colleagues with inclusivity principles. Inherent Bias training known also as Unconscious Bias training and Implicit Social Recognition should be regularly renewed as our relationships, perceptions and experiences usually change over time. Please note each session/date can only have 20 employees/participants therefore please email us to make a larger booking.

Senior Leader training Programme Schedule

Below is the schedule for Senior Leader training. There are 3 different workshops Bradford based leaders can attend. The sessions have been labelled 1, 2, 3 simply to avoid leaders booking on the same workshop again. Leaders do not have to take these sessions in order however we kindly ask leaders to commit to all 3 workshops to allow them to fully benefit from all themes.

Inclusion & Diversity Leadership 1 (Building Relationships, Emotional Intelligence and Succession Planning)

Date/Time options: June 21st (2pm – 4:30pm), June 25th (10am – 12:30pm), June 28th (2pm – 4:30pm)

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Facilitators: Tharoor Associates

About the session & objectives

This highly mindful workshop focuses on enhancing emotional intelligence in the workplace and building positive relationships. It aims to encourage Leaders to

  • increase awareness of emotions and the impact they have on performance
  • recognise and understand emotions in others and how to adapt behaviours to suit
  • determine what a relationship is and discussing methods of overcoming barriers in building relationships
  • examine how trust plays a major part in building and maintaining relationships and where opportunities exist to build trust
  • how to build trust and what approach is needed to have a succession plan

Inclusion & Diversity Leadership 2 (Winning the pandemic, Having difficult conversations, Adapt to Win and Performance Coaching & Mentoring

Date/Time options: June 24th (1pm – 4pm, June 30th (1pm – 4pm), July 7th (1pm – 4pm)

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Facilitators:   Equality Together, Mohammed Ali, Aspire-igen/MotivMed

About the session & objectives

This diverse workshop focuses on different elements of inclusivity – disability, managing difficult conversations, adapting to win and performance coaching. It aims to share 

  • disability perspectives of the pandemic
  • hopes and anxieties of coming out of the lockdown
  • practical steps to encourage inclusivity
  • understanding the importance of creating a safe space
  • defining difficult dialogue and addressing the elephant in the room
  • understanding how to find the common ground
  • learning to disagree respectfully
  • creating opportunities for collaboration
  • using performance coaching effectively
  • how to achieve a more diverse workforce

Inclusion & Diversity Leadership 3 (Communication & Negotiation Skills, Building High Performance Teams, Unconscious Bias)

Date/Time options: June 25th (10am – 12pm), June 29th (10am – 12pm), July 1st (9am – 11am)

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Facilitators: Empowering Minds & HS Consultancy

About the session & objectives

This powerful workshop focuses on Bias in the workplace, effective communication and developing high performance teams. It will encourage Leaders to

have a clearer understanding of their own values and unconscious bias

  • explore alternative conceptualisations such as anti-discriminatory, anti-oppressive and anti-racist approaches
  • have an understanding of the intersectional nature of biases and inequalities
  • be more effective in articulating the links between small microaggressions and inequalities in outcomes that appear in data (workforce and service delivery), using the socio-ecological model
  • understand the importance of Building high performance teams through leadership and engagement
  • understand the importance of Communication and negotiation skills and how to deliver them

All the above sessions have been created as part of a larger programme funded by the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council which intends to –

  • Improve recruitment and employment practices
  • Improve services in meeting the needs of communities
  • Reduce bullying and discrimination
  • Reduce negative personal beliefs
  • Increase recognition of hate crime amongst staff
  • Empower and equip more staff to support victims of hate crime

For more information about the training programme from Bradford For Everyone please contact